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With Wealthings Horizon you collaborate effectively with any client, from the independent, to the established SME, through the startup.

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Online access to financial accounting and salaries of your principals.

Start without complicated installation or expensive infrastructure to manage your customers' data and enjoy exclusive benefits through licenses for professionals.
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You and your principals work directly online on the same platform.

Make offers, invoices, accounting and salaries simple.
Your principals want to make simple entries and entrust you the rest? It's easy: Your customers decide in which areas they want to rely on you, everyone working on the same platform in real time.

Two offers that cover all cases...

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Independent accountant

As an independent accountant you benefit from a basic license including 1 user and 20 companies. Of course, you can add as many companies as you wish later.
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CPA firms

As a CPA firm, you benefit from a basic license for 2 users and 45 companies. There is no limit to the number of users and/or companies that can be added later.
The independent accountant and the CPA firm receive a 10% commission on the licenses billed to their clients.
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