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Wealthings, your Back-Office Outsourcing Solution - BOOST

What is back office outsourcing?

As the name suggests, back-office refers to the functions which are required to be carried out efficiently to ensure the success of the business, but these services do not fall into the core operations functioning of the firm.
Back-office operations are considered to be the backbone of an enterprise and hence are no less important than the essential functions.
There are many benefits of outsourcing back office functions. Here are the major ones :

  • Focus On Core Operations
  • ​Job Carried Out By Professionals With Domain Expertise
  • Higher Level Of Flexibility
  • Access To State Of The Art Technology And Infrastructure
  • Lowered Costs
  • No Hassle Of Staff Acquisition And Retention

Our fields of intervention are the following:

  • Wealthings has revolutionized our financial reporting
    David Balme - Challenge Optimum SA, CEO
  • So we switched over from one day to the next, to real-time accounting, which allows me, with the help of their dashboard, to have a clear picture of the cashflow of my company.
    Jean-Charles Migotto - Line Office SA, founder & CEO
  • The Wealthings platform is a game changer for any entrepreneur that wants to have an ongoing, rapid and detailed grip on his business. I have been using their platform since the very beginning of my adventure and I would never been able to take decisions without.
    Luigi Matrone - eBusiness Institute Sàrl, founder & CEO
  • Wealthings has allowed us to manage our accounts in a structured and professional manner with real-time visibility on our liquidity, a key element in managing our daily business.
    Amancio Cougil BB Switzerland Sàrl, founder & CEO
  • Finally a platform where you can do everything digitally, no need to walk with yours binders, you have everything at hand. In case of questions, the whole Wealthings team helps us in our procedures and in our daily management. Thanks to them!
    Mathieu Robin Hidora SA, founder & CEO
  • Thanks to Wealthings' comprehensive business management service, I know that I can rest on a reliable and professional partner who is ready to invest fully for its clients and their success.
    Sabrina Zumwald - Crèche « le Château des enfants », founder & director
  • Whether through the online management tool or with the expert advice of their specialists, Wealthings supports us in the financial management of our companies. Regular monitoring and support for a permanent follow up of our structures allow us to perform and to be efficient.
    Loris Corbaz - UBIC Group Sàrl, director of Administration and Finance