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Payroll administration services

The rapid evolution of social insurance and taxes (maternity insurance, family allowances, withholding tax, etc.). Makes payroll more tedious.

From the perspective of payroll processing itself, outsourcing improves the cost / compliance, ensures a flexible organization and ensures deadlines. Therefore, the business owner can focus its staff on tasks with high added value.

This is why WEALTHINGS offers a service that provides payroll administration for employers to offload administrative tasks related to the treatment of staff salaries for a small fee.
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Relationships with insurance companies

Partnering with brokerage companies allow us to use only the most reliable insurance companies. In dealing with these companies we have fostered close working relationships thus permitting us to to always obtain the best offers.

We only work with companies whose trustworthiness matches our own.
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Work & residency permits

For those considering moving to Switzerland, it is advantageous to bundle the various requests and to discuss them in advance. We can assist you in elaboration and realization of such bundled solution:
  • • to register your own company in Switzerland
  • • to prepare a set of documents, necessary for a permit to be granted
  • • to submit to the cantonal authorities an application for residence permit for you and your family, in conjunction with your business project
In order to obtain a permit for you, we will need to demonstrate the economic benefit you bring to the canton. It will suffice if, in particular, your business project or your activities:
  • • stimulate scientific, industrial or trade development in the region
  • • involve the introduction of new technologies
  • • create new jobs or help retain existing jobs via new orders for local companies, etc.
We are in constant contact with the administrative services concerned, and can ensure optimal processing of residence permit applications at the cantonal and federal levels.
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